Milla Martikainen


Space and lighting design for a performance about cognitive biases




Scenographer and lighting designer




Concept & design: Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Ami Karvonen and working group

On stage: Yasmin Ahsanullah, Niina Sillanpää, Matija Kezele

Lighting and space design: Milla Martikainen

Sound design: Grégory Maisse

Music: Fred Nevché

Costumes: Emma Taivainen

Production interns: Moona Hiltunen and Maiju Viljanen

BIASED is an interactive performance inviting us to explore mind tricks and unconscious factors guiding our everyday actions.

The performance tackles cognitive biases. People believe they mostly act rationally and sensibly. And yet, systematic mistakes impact on our thinking far more than we realise. These universally shared thought shortcuts are termed cognitive biases. The best-known one is the confirmation bias which causes us to direct most of our attention to whatever confirms our previously held beliefs.

The audience will choose a side, and simultaneously observe their own thoughts as they are gently guided along.

BIASED is the culmination of a collaboration involving five artists. Matija Kezele from Croatia, Fred Nevché from France and Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta–Kalleinen and Ami Karvonen from Finland created the work as a part of Espoo City Theatre’s contribution to Centriphery project.